Font Sizer

How to use our website

Use the menu on a mobile device like a phone or tablet

If you are looking at the website from a phone or tablet and don't see a menu at the top you are going to be looking for the menu iconmobile menu button in the top left hand corner.  This will then open a side menu for the site.

expanded mobile menu

Change the size of the print on the website

Use the Font Sizer

Font Sizer


the Up arrow to increases the font size, the Down arrow decreases the font size and the A resets the font size.

Sign up or Register

In the Login section select the Register Button


Register Button

Fill in the form and select register at the bottom.

You will see the following notice:

register notice

Login Tips

Enter your username or email address, no need to remember your user name.


Using the Forum

See the lesson Forums for help